Hexi Quilts and Machine Quilting Patterns

As you remember I posted a video on how I used the Terry Twist® Templates / Rulers to machine quilt a beautiful Hexi Quilt. There are just too few Hexi Machine Quilting Patterns out there.

The funny thing was I was just going to do edge-to-edge, but love the fabrics tooooo much and decided to use my TT Rulers since they go with just about everything.

I got a lot of request for the machine quilting pattern I used. So as a gift, I made it into a PDF file for you to download. Use it with your Terry Twist Rulers and Stencils. You will be taken to the download page. Just click on the PDF image.

Machine Quilting Nice Crisp Points with Sally Terry

Most quilters find stitching-in-the-ditch time consuming...and well, not their favorite thing.

I feel that if the piecer, and that may be you, takes the time to do detailed, intricate piecing it should be highlighted by SID (stitching-in-the-ditch).

So here is a great way to make things go easier for you. Hope this helps :)  Sally

Hexi Quilt and Free Motion Machine Quilting

Working on a great hexi quilt using some beautiful fabrics. Couldn't wait to get the quilt top done. You know the feeling.

When it comes time to machine quilt it, I thought just a quick edge-to-edge pattern and use a separate border and sashing pattern.
Then I thought too pretty, gorgeous fabrics, this quilt DESERVES MORE!!!!

So using my trusted Terry Twist Design and the 4"-5" template ruler, this is what happened. 

Be sure to watch the video below...