If you are new to machine quilting feathers this may help

New to machine quilting feathers?

A few of us DO suffer from machine quilting feather anxiety.

This applies to all machine quilters, no matter if you sit down at a traditional domestic machine or stand up at a long arm.

While teaching free motion feathers with the Badland's Quilt Guild many said their first concern was their fear of not being able to do it.... 😯😨 oh me - oh my!

I remember making everyone go to the other side of the room as I tried to quilt my first feathers in a long arm class...afraid?... I was petrified to even press the ON button!!!!! Nail Biting Time.

Because of that feeling, all my classes, workshops and online videos are developed from the point of  view that "you never have to copy me to be successful". I am sure that these machine quilting patterns and techniques all result from that pit in your stomach, hold your breath, scared feeling. Even standing in front of you during a demo class, those threadpaths, especially feathers have to be perfect.

So here is my advice to all of you who suffer from machine quilting feather anxiety.

  • Make your feathers small.
  • Work in small areas where your feathers will naturally be small.
  • Separate your feathers with a small space in between so you don't have to worry about being directly on the line when backtracking.
  • Highlight a small area of feathers within a larger pattern.
  • Use a non-backtracking feather like the Hooked on Feathers.
  • Choose asymmetrical patterns so you are not quilting mirrored images.


You can create these patterns with your Terry Twist(R) Rulers and Stencils. There are dozens and dozens of designs like these in the NEW 133 Page Printable Terry Twist Design Guide Handbook CD available soon.

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Want a variety of designs?

The more you machine quilt the Terry Twist Patterns, the more they amaze you!!!

And they are sooo different every time you use them in a block, then a sashing, then a border.

Here is an edge-to-edge. Stitched the TT spines 9 blocks across and 2 blocks deep in one continuous line. Then went back and used the TT spines and feathered about 2" away on each side of the spine.  This left some wonderful open areas and gave this king size quilt some puffy texture :)

And we all want versatile machine quilting patterns that use simple techniques so we can Free Motion Feathers fast.

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Flipping Patterns Around

No doubt you love that you won't ever have to be perfect. And, you value the idea of how easy and quick design layouts would be.

Have you been mixing and matching your Terry Twist Stencils and Template sizes? 

Look what they can do... :)

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