When planning free motion feather placement I often do this...

When planning to machine quilt free motion feathers I like to use lots of wiggle room so I don't have to be perfect.

Wiggle Room 1 - Draw around a shape you want to fill with free motion feathers. 

Here I use a circle template. In case I put 2 feathers in one shape and 3 feathers in another, the outside of the drawn around shape stays consistent, not the feathers.

Wiggle Room 2 - Offset the circle or shape. 
In this case I placed the circle over from the pivot point. This way the feathers would be less symmetrical and not perfectly perfect which takes the fun out of it.

Wiggle Room 3 - Offset the center of the circle and use a portion of the circle like 1/3 or 2/3 and ignore the center. 

We are so programmed to be perfect and everything lining up, we often forget to arrange things in a more interesting way.

Play with your arrangements, you never know what you will come up with :) And it is a lot more fun!

Pattern used is the 6" Terry Twist(R)

Happy Accidents with Patterns and Designs

Sometimes you just don't see it. A simple little machine quilting pattern can be so much more.

If you have the Terry Twist Stencils or Templates let's take another look at what they can do for you. Here the 2" and 4" TT radiate and nest to form this great little block pattern that is a snap to do yet it looks so complicated....it is not.

Redoing my samples for upcoming machine quilting classes gave me some time to play. And Voila...

Take some time to play with your favorite stencils and templates in your studio :)

Another Block Design with the Terry Twist just messing around

 Check out both the Terry Twist Stencil and Ruler Sets

If you have the stencils this is the 9" 9-Patch Square using its' 3" Terry Twist Pattern Design. It is also easy to create using the Template Rulers since you have it in the 3".

I laid it out on the edges of the block and then continued it on the other side of the seam, just for fun :) to see what it would look like. 

Interesting pattern on point with a few machine quilting free motion feathers thrown in.

Since it is asymmetrical it is very forgiving indeed. 

Hope you try it.